Wine & Drink List

White wine 

                                                                                                           125ml               175ml                           Bottle

  1. House white wine – France         £3.25        £4.75               £16.50 

Classic Sauvignon Blanc nose with herbaceous notes, with underlying ripeness.

  1. Cuvee Jean paul sec – France     £3.25        £4.75               £17.00 

A fresh nose of lime, basil, freshly cut green grass and guavas. The palate has fruits and flowers.

  1. El satire sauvignon blanc – Chile                                           £18.75

A fresh and crisp wine with ripe citrus fruit. Packed with lime zest, lemon and kiwi fruit flavors. Racy acidity on the finish.

  1. Principato Pinot grigio – Italy                                                 £18.25

Shows delicate, floral and fruity aromas with a hint of stone fruit. The palate is crisp with citrus and lime and a lightly spicy finish.

  1. Sereti Chenin Blanc – South Africa                                       £17.75

A fresh, dry Chenin with broad appeal. It displays baked apple and zippy citrus aromas with soft, delicate apple fruit on the palate.

  1. Monsoon Valley White – Thailand                                        £22.00

On the nose well-ripened melon and mango with hints of banana. Light and refreshing body with honey and apricot on the palate.

  1. Cloud factory Sauvignon Blanc – New Zealand                 £23.00

Perfumed with nettle ripe tropical fruits which are also evident on the palate along with limey flavors and rich minerality.

  1. Chablis “Cuvee Andre” Domaine des malandes – France £29.00

Pungent and flinty on the nose with a tad of creamy fruit underneath.

Rose Wine

                                                                                                       125ml                   175ml                                Bottle

  1. House Rose – France                     £3.25          £4.75               £16.50

Supple and moreish, this is a delightful French rose; pale raspberry pink with soft berry aromas.

  1. Cuvee Jean Paul Rose – France £3.25          £4.75                £17.00

Vivid pale strawberry pink with aromas of crushed red berries and appealing soft fruity flavours.

  1. Sanvigilio pinot grigio blush –Italy                                           £18.25

A fresh, easy drinking wine with strawberry aromas and further red berries on the palate.

  1. Burlesque white zinfandel – USA                                               £17.50

Luscious strawberry ice cream on the nose supported by a bright, berry fruited and an off-dry finish.

Red Wine

                                                                                                                             125ml           175ml                 Bottle

  1. House Merlot – France                              £3.25    £4.75        £16.50

This has ripe red berry fruit aromas on the nose which leads through to a rich, plummy palate.

  1. Cuvee jean Paul rouge – France            £3.25    £4.75         £17.00

So smooth, you don`t need to think about it, but if you pause you will find it is surprisingly good!

  1. El Satiro Merlot – Chile                                                               £18.75

Plum, blackcurrant and cranberry aromas burst from the glass. The palate is fresh with red fruits and a hint of green pepper.

  1. Bodegas Olarra Otonal Rioja Tinto – Spain                        £25.00

On the palate, the wine is rich and fruity yet refreshing with summer fruit flavours. The finish is pleasant and persistent.

  1. Monsoon Valley Red – Thailand                                             £22.00

Plums and red fruits on the nose, soft and velvety texture lingers on the palate with a leathery undertone and berry notes.

  1. Monsson Balley Shiraz – Thailand                                        £24.00

This Shiraz is a ruby red along with violet hue which expresses classic varietal characters of dark plum, cherries, and toffee.

  1. Conviviale Montepulciano d`Abruzzo – Italy                   £24.50

An intense wine with cherry, ripe plum fruit aromas, and warm, earthy spice. The palate is densely packed with rich fruit flavors.

  1. Macon Rouge – France                                                              £23.00

This wine offers fresh, red fruit and candied aroma. Light in style it carries light red fruit and cherry onto the palate.

Sparkling Wine & Champagne

  1. Ca`Bolani Prosecco Brut Spumante – Italy                        £25.00

Bright, light clean straw yellow. White, persistent foam with very fine pelage. Pleasantly fruity and with a good aromatic intensity.

  1. Lunetta Rosado Spumante – Italy                                         £24.00

A fresh and dry sparkling rose with persistent mousse, beautifully salmon pink in colour. Red berry characters on the nose and palate.

  1. Pierre Mignon NV 1er Cru Champagne – France            £35.00

Our choice of independent grower Champagne is light and fresh with a superb clean light yellow color and a soft mousse.

  1. Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial NV – France                   £52.00

Very pale straw color with small, active bubbles, with a subtle suggestion of flowers, vanilla, grapefruit, bread.


Campazi £2.95

Cinzano £2.75

Dubonnet £3.50

Martini Rosso £3.50

Martini Dry £3.50

Pimm No.1 £3.50

Pernod £3.50

Port & Sherry


Port £3.25

Sherry (Sweet, Dry & Medium) £2.95



Gin, Bacardi £3.25

Vodka, Tequila £3.25



Glenlivet (Malt) £3.50

Black Label (Blended) £3.50

Jack Daniels (Bourbon) £3.50

Jameson`s (Irish) £3.50

Mekhong (Thai) £3.50

Sang Som Whiskey/Rum (Thai) £3.50



Remy Martin VSOP £3.75

Martell VS*** £3.15



Cointreau £2.95

Drambuie £2.95

Tai Maria £2.95

Malibu £2.95

Southern Comfort £2.95

Grand Marnier £2.95

Bailey`s Irish cream £2.95

Amaretto £2.95

Sambuca £2.95

Benedictene DOM £2.95

Kahlua £2.95


Singha (Thai, 5% ABV) 320ML £3.50

Chang (Thai, 5% ABV) 320ML £3.50

Shandy £3.95

Magners Original Cider 568ML £4.20

Fruit Juice

Orange £2.80

Mango £2.80

Pineapple £2.80

Apple £2.80

Cranberry £2.80

Soft Drinks

Coke, Lemonade £2.50

Tonic, Ginger Ale £2.50

Soda Water £2.50

Mineral Water

Still/Sparkling Bottle £3.50

Still/Sparkling 330ml £1.95


White wine with Soda or Lemonade £4.50

Coffee & Tea

Floater Coffee £3.50

Hot Coffee £1.50

Espresso £1.50


English, Green, Jasmine Cup £1.50 – Pot £2.00

Liqueur Coffee

Irish coffee £4.50

Tia Maria coffee £4.50

Cointreau Coffee £4.50

Bailey`s Coffee £4.50

Amaretto Coffee £4.50

Calvados Coffee £4.50

Brandy Coffee £6.00

Other Liqueur Coffee £4.50



Welcome to Lemon Chilli Thai restaurant, we hope you relax and enjoy the dishes in the comfort of our surroundings.

We are a family run business we serve Dinner and also have a Takeaway menu available.

Thai food is cooked and prepared using only the best ingredients from the finest suppliers, both locally and fresh herbs direct from Thailand. We also offer a takeaway service for those who would like to take the Thai experience home. Traditional Thai main dishes with either chicken, beef, pork, seafood, duck, or vegetables. Rice or noodles should accompany the main dishes.

In our kitchen, we have 2 chefs to do the cooking for you, please do let us know if you have any special dietary requirements or allergies.

Thai food is as varied and diverse as the country itself, Northern, Southern, Es-san, or Capital of Thailand are all different in their style of cooking and offer a fabulous array of tastes and flavours for all palates, contrary to popular impressions.   

Thai food is not always spicy and it’s fabulous diversity encompasses both spicy and not spicy dishes using a variety of herbs all are good for the health. We have a good range of tangy, sweet and sour, curries and savoury stir-fried and broths.       

It is the marvellous combination of the variety and Freshness and clever use of herbs, spices condiments and the refined practice of artful presentation that has made Thai cuisine Favoured and sought after around the world today.

We hope that you enjoy your meal within our relaxed and contemporary Thai cuisine restaurant, we look forward to welcoming you again soon.

Email –

Phone- 01903 211771

Address – 49 Brighton Road, Worthing, West Sussex, BN11 3EE